Monday, 12 January 2015

CBC "Je Suis Charlie" cowardly hypocrisy

CBC will go out of its way to offend Christians or Jews - but is afraid of Muslims - so they will not show the offending cartoons.  What monumental hypocrisy.

The whole point of EVERYONE showing the supposedly offensive cartoons is that IF EVERYONE SHOWED THEM the murderers would not have been able to pick on one organization.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Hamas rejects "Cease-fire" with Israel

Hamas rejects a Egyptian "Cease-fire" offer while continuing to rain 100-200 rocket attacks per day on Israeli citizens - primarily civilian targets.   To make matters worse they have been proved to be locating their rockets and armaments in/under/near schools/mosques - thereby threatening their own "citizens" (or more accurately vassals/cannon fodder).

As the gullible foreign press apparently unquestionably parrot Hamas claims of "over 200" dead vs less that 10 in Israel (due to the effectiveness of their "Iron Dome" anti-missle Defense program) - the reason for these massive casualties is naturally ascribed to Israel.

But there are reason to doubt - if not be immediately skeptical - that Hamas is truthful.  In fact we know most of these disclosures are propaganda.  Consider:

1) IDF Says at Least 100 Hamas Rockets Hit Within Gaza

Hamas rockets maybe responsible for a LARGE proportion of its own civilians casualties.  One blogger estimated that on Tuesday (July 15) 44 of 192 Rockets fire by Hamas fell on its own territory!  Why this happened is up for discussion - but there is ample evidence it is a very common occurrence - and most Israelis believe it is intentional to cow their own population and place the blame on Israel.

And given Hamas's other reprehensible practices - this is not inconceivable.

2) Hamas Press Releases can not be trusted as they often show pictures of casualties from other counties or disasters.  This is  know as "Pallywood" - but the BBC is notorious for not checking the material - as is the CBC.   In 2000 this practice was clearly exposed in a libel case called the "Al Dura Affair".

3) UNRWA Fraud.   In this NatPo FP article it is explained how the US$0.9bn budget of UNRWA is used to promote perpetual victimization and hatred of Israel.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Monday, 14 July 2014

Where are the "Moderate" Muslims?

Recently, reaction to clips of Brigitte Gabriel's comments at a Washington DC Conference about the Benghazi Affair have been circulating.  Here is one from CNN show "Red State/ Blue State" that I found of interest (despite the suspicious and obvious heavy edits):

IMHO, the best points seem to implicate the role of the media.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Seems reasonable

Female Principal  thinks this is ok?

An Alberta Elementary School Principal thinks this picture was ok to post on her public FB page - disputes allegations of poor taste?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Feminist in favour of Free Speech - as long as it doesn't challenge Feminism

Here is a panel discussion on Steve Pakin show involving the Feminist shutdown of Janice Fiamengo's talk at UofO in March 2014 (?).

The lineup included Host Steve Paikin;  Rachel Dacoste - HuffPo Blogger; Dr. Janice Fiamengo - Prof of English, University of Ottawa; Alice MacLachlan  - Associate Professor York University and Justin Trottier National Policy Director of the Centre for Inquiry.

I wondered if HuffPo blogger Rachel Dacoste  was aware of this other "student" Ellen Ocran who angrily decried Ann Coulter's address at UofO 4years earlier (March 2010) - but we shall never know until I get the chance to ask her.

[Ocran was filmed at the loud, vociferous demonstration that resulted in a shutdown of the talk by campus security.  Ocran had a sticker that mis-identified her as a a supporter/member of Canadian Federation of Students - which may have been her evening student activity - but during the day she is an Executive Assistant to NDP MP Pat Martin.]

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Courtney now 19yo


It was almost 3years ago (July 2011) that she made her solemn vows to marry 51yo washed-up actor Doug Hutchison.    Now after a couple of reality shows and much cosmetic surgery - she is looking for a divorce.

I am shocked! just SHOCKED I tell you.    I hope Doug asks for costs - babysitting costs that is.

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